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About Sentient Art

Sentient Art is a AAA outsourcing studio specialized in Hard Surface models, Vehicles, leveraging Real Time Rendering, driven by passion for life-like details and realistic modelling. The Sentient Art team has been selected with the utmost care for its exceptional work. Our attention to detail enables us to stand out and offer high-quality standards.

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Our work

From life-like modelling to genuine creation, our teams are proficient at designing Vehicles, Weapons, Props and any matter of Hard Surface models. As the industry is rapidly changing, we’ve made the conscious choice of specializing in real time rendering technologies ensuring the best quality available while offering a high flexibility and rapid iteration.

Our Services

We provide digital art creations, digital content solutions and technical tools for the video game industry and real time projects. Each project is unique and we cater specifically to the demand at hand, to provide a production process and guarantee customer care and offer a high-end product!

About our production

Partnering with Sentient Art allows our clients to scale their productions while keeping the highest level of quality. At Sentient Art, our main goal is to achieve the finest work and push the boundaries of creativity. We do so by creating new technology and innovating processes that allows our clients to extend the scope of their ambitions.

We strive to push the medium forward with every creative decision.

Our Team

Our projects are managed in teams, in which each artist brings his their singular view to the collective end-product. Our team currently consists of 15 veterans and keeps growing: join us, become a member of an amazing crew and embark on a fulfilling adventure.

About our team

To provide the finest products and guarantee the best experience, we are working in close collaboration with all our clients. Our bespoke services are only matched in quality by the models and renders carefully crafted by our team of passionate artists.

Let’s work together

We have an acute knowledge of the industry, accustomed to dealing with productions and to deliver on due date. We strive to take up our customers’ challenges. Satisfying our customers reveals our high-quality services and passion. Each project is a challenge, and we are ready to take up yours.
Vehicle Design and Creation;
Optimization for real time engines;
Management and oversight of production;
Specific and technical objects;
Specific and technical Materials;
Integrating assets in real time engines;
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